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About the Author

Alicia S. Jones is a Louisiana native who resides in the Los Angeles, California area.  She is the chief operating officer and director of events for Smokey Note Entertainment and vice president of Southern University Alumni Los Angeles Chapter. In addition, she is the girl’s varsity volleyball coach at Vineyard Christian School and a volunteer for Forever Footprints organization.

Alicia is a member of First AME Church (FAME) of Los Angeles.  She earned a Bachelor of Science in psychology from Southern University A&M College (Baton Rouge).  She has been happily married to her husband Gregory for 28 years, and they are proud parents of their special needs angel, Genesis.  


Sentenced To Live

Sentenced to Live is a vulnerable and transparent account that takes readers on a spiritual journey; it teaches how faith is easy when one’s senses are intact, but when a mother’s greatest fear devastates her existence twice, this remarkable yet unwavering faith is deployed through the desperation to survive. As the author poignantly shares her loss of two children in back-to-back pregnancies, and her third child, although a miracle, is a special needs bundle of love who requires the attention of skilled professionals for her life, the reader becomes Alicia S. Jones as Sentenced to Live entangles them with laughter and tears. The reader is then transformed with the powerful discovery that earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal.


“We live in a society where
barriers and walls are being torn down
every day to include special needs
individuals nationwide on different levels."

Alicia S. Jones



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